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IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture
Prof Lianke YAN
IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture and Chair Professor of Humanities, HKUST

Yan Lianke is a famous contemporary Chinese writer. Born in Song county of Henan province in 1958, he joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 1978. He graduated in Political Education at Henan University in 1985, and graduated in Literature at PLA Academy of Art in 1991. He has started his writing career since 1979, and has published eight novels, including Sensibilities, The Passage of Time, As Hard as Water, Lenin’s Kisses, Serve The People, Dreams of Ding Village; ten novellas, including The Years, Months, Days, Golden Cave, Marrow, Toward Southeast; five volumes of prose and discourse, and twelve volumes of Collection of Yan Lianke. His works received national and international awards more than twenty times, including the 1st and 2nd Lu Xun Literature Prize, and the 3rd Lao She Literature Prize. In 2014, Yan became the first Chinese recipient of the Czech Franz Kafka Prize. He also awarded the 6th Dream of the Red Chamber Award: The World’s Distinguished Novel in Chinese in 2017 and was conferred the Doctor of Letters honoris causa by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His works have been translated and introduced to many countries, for instance, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Holland, Israel, Spain and Serbia. There have been much dispute over his writing in China, and he has stood as a writer with deep conscience and great passion. He is currently a IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture at HKUST and also a Professor of School of Liberal Arts at Renmin University of China.

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