IAS Channel
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Christina SMOLKE

Unlocking the Healing Power of Plants with Synthetic Biology
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Mr. Nick HALLA

How to Save the World, One Burger at a Time
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof Randall KAMIEN

The Softest Crystals
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. MAI Yiu-Wing

On Thermal Conductive Polymer Composites as Underfill Materials for Electronic Packaging
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. YAU Shing-Tung

The Origin of Classical General Relativity and Gauge Theory
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. John SEXTON

Challenges Facing American Universities Today
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. John HARDY

Genomics in Neurodegenerative Disease – What Are We Up To
IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing
"五四之後:當代人文的三個方向 -夏志清、李歐梵、劉再復" 國際學術研討會
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. JIANG Guibin

Trends in Environmental Science Research in China
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Steven DENBAARS

Recent Developments of InGaN/GaN Based Laser Diodes for Energy Efficient Solid State Lighting and Displays
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Thomas KUECH

New Routes to the Formation of Complex Structures and Metastable Materials
IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing
Prof YAN Lianke & ZHANG Wei

IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing
Profs. LIU Zaifu & PAI Hsien-Yung

Dream of the Red Chamber: Dialogue between Liu Zaifu and Pai Hsien-yung
IAS Inaugural Lecture
Prof Stephen Hawking

The Origin of the Universe
(June 2006)
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How Cells Sense and Respond to Changes in Oxygen Levels - 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine [CANCELLED]
Prof. Kenny CHUNG, Associate Professor of Life Science, HKUST
26 Nov 2019 (Tuesday)
Exploring the Learning Principle in the Brain [CANCELLED]
Prof. Taro TOYOIZUMI, Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Brain Science
26 Nov 2019 (Tuesday)
Industrial and Applied Mathematics [POSTPONED]
2 - 6 Dec 2019
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