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Former IAS Senior Visiting Fellow
Prof Gita JOHAR
Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business
Columbia University
Research Areas:
Marketing Communication and Miscommunication, Self Regulation, Illusion of Control and Desire for Control

Prof. Gita Johar obtained her MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and PhD in Marketing from New York University in 1985 and 1993 respectively. She joined Columbia Business School in 1992 and is currently the Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business and the Chair of the Faculty Steering Committee for the Columbia Global Centers in Mumbai, India.

Prof. Johar's expertise lies in consumer psychology, focusing on how consumers react to marketing efforts, especially advertising, promotions and sponsorship. She also examines the influence of consumer self-control and perceptions of control on decision making and consumption. She has published several influential articles in the areas of consumer persuasion and decision making in leading marketing and psychology journals. She was the Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Research in 2009-2012 and the Co-editor of the Journal of Consumer Research in 2014-2017.


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