Most of the countries in the world lack significant natural resources and are characterized by low standard of living with little hope for improvement due to population growth and mismanagement. This is true also for countries that are rich in natural resources, but do not use them wisely. People that live in countries that enjoy high standard of living are industrious and their countries industrial. The basic reason of this division is technological entrepreneurship nourished by free market economy. Technologically entrepreneurial people make the difference. So, is there hope for everybody on the globe to improve their lives? Can technological entrepreneurship be motivated and taught so that generations of determined entrepreneurs will build up thriving economies? The clear answer to both questions is yes, but the process will take time and dedication. It all starts with education in general and scientific- technical education in particular. There is also a way to expedite the process - start with the already educated engineers and scientists. These are the first candidates for entrepreneurial endeavors. They can do it, but need motivation, continuous instruction and encouraging economic environment until they create successful start-ups and serve as role models for others. The name of the game is motivation. If this nucleus of capable people are motivated toward entrepreneurship, a process can start that will make a huge difference in a life of a country. Living examples to countries that underwent this process are China, Israel, South Korea and Turkey whose societies have shifted from agrarian to industrial within several decades thanks to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the motivation to create high-tech industries led and guided by individual engineers and scientists.

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