IAS Workshop on Emerging Scales in Granular Media


Granular media are the second most handled materials on earth (next to water) and are important to wide-ranging fields of engineering including civil, chemical, mining and petroleum engineering and a host of industries such as pharmaceutical and powder industries. The responses of granular media subjected to thermo, hydro, mechanical, chemical and magnetic-electro loads can be intricate and complicated, yet they are critical to both conventional energy sectors (oil/ petroleum, powder, geoscience) and emerging fields such as additive manufacturing (3D printing), locomotion robotics (robot-topology interactions) and planetary exploration (Mars/moon landing). A unified theoretical understanding of granular media has remained one of the major science challenges for decades. Multiscale modeling and characterization approaches and technologies have proven to be the future thrust towards demystifying the behavior of granular media for the benefit of both engineering and science communities.

This workshop serves as a platform where the top-most scientists and scholars working on the multiscale modeling of granular media can mix and mingle to discuss and suggest possible solutions to the above issues. The potential international and local speakers have all proven to be leaders of the subject topic. The workshop is set to produce far-reaching scientific ideas and perspectives that will shape the future of the research area.

Group Photo (Click here for more photos)

Organizers and the participants gather for a group photo.