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Updated as of 26 October 2018

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IHEC Annual Meeting: 26 Oct 2018

Venue: IAS Lecture Theater, G/F, Lo Ka Chung Building, Lee Shau Kee Campus, HKUST

Time Event Venue
08:00-09:00 Registration Lobby, G/F
Working Group Session 1
09:00-10:15 Assay Standards and Quality Control
Chair: Martin Hirst (University of British Columbia)
Lecture Theater
Chair: Yann Joly (McGill University)
IAS2042, 2/F
10:15-10:45 Group-photo Taking and Coffee Break Lobby, G/F
Working Group Session 2
10:45-12:00 Data Ecosystem / Integrative Analysis
Chair: Guillaume Bourque (McGill University)
Lecture Theater
Chair: Stephanie Weber (European Research and Project Office GmbH)
IAS2042, 2/F
12:00-13:00 Lunch Lobby, G/F
Consortium Updates
Chair: Eric Marcotte (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
13:00-13:15 Welcome & General Remarks Lecture Theater
13:15-13:35 Canada
Eric Marcotte (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) /
Martin Hirst (University of British Columbia)
13:35-14:00 EU
Tomasz Dylag (European Commission) /
Philip Rosenstiel (Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel) /
Maja Jagodic (Karolinska Institutet)
14:00-14:10 Germany
Presenter: Jörn Walter (Saarland University)
14:10-14:25 Hong Kong
Karl Herrup (HKUST) /
Danny Leung (HKUST)
14:25-14:35 Japan
Presenter: Toshikazu Ushijima (Japanese National Cancer Center Research Institute)
14:35-14:45 Singapore
Presenter: Shyam Prabhakar (Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR))
14:45-14:55 South Korea
Young Jin Kim (Korea National Institute of Health) /
Suman Lee (Korea National Institute of Health)
14:55-15:05 USA 4D Nucleome
Presenter: Ananda Roy (US National Institutes of Health)
15:05-15:15 USA ENCODE
Presenter: Jason Hilton (Stanford University)
15:15-15:25 New Zealand
Presenter: Aniruddha Chatterjee (University of Otago)
15:25-16:00 Coffee Break Lobby, G/F
Working Group Updates
Chair: Martin Hirst (University of British Columbia)
16:00-16:12 Assay Standards and Quality Control
Presenter: Martin Hirst (University of British Columbia)
Lecture Theater
16:12-16:24 Bioethics
Presenter: Yann Joly (McGill University)
16:24-16:36 Data Ecosystem
Presenter: To be confirmed
16:36-16:48 Integrative Analysis
Presenter: Guillaume Bourque (McGill University)
16:48-17:00 Communication
Presenter: Stephanie Weber (European Research and Project Office GmbH)
17:00-18:00 Future of IHEC
Martin Hirst (University of British Columbia) /
Eric Marcotte (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
Lecture Theater
18:05-19:00 IHEC ISSC (Closed Meeting)  
19:30 IHEC Dinner Sai Kung

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Science Days: 27-28 Oct 2018

Venue: Chiang Chen Lecture Theater (LT-J), HKUST

27 Oct | 28 Oct

27 Oct (Sat)

Time Event
08:40-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:15 Opening Remarks
Session 1: Single Cell Analyses
09:15-09:40 "Exploring the Physical Genome"
William Greenleaf (Stanford University)
09:40-10:05 "Decoding the Gene Regulation Network in Human Germline Cells by Single-cell Functional Genomics Approaches"
Fuchou Tang (Peking University)
10:05-10:30 "Transcriptional and Epigenetic States of Oligodendroglia in Development and Disease: Insight from Single Cell Omics"
Gonçalo Castelo-Branco (Karolinska Institutet)
10:30-10:45 "(Selected talk) DNA Hypermethylation encroachment at CpG Island Borders in Cancer"
Susan Clark (Garvan Institute of Medical Research)
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
Session 2: Developmental Epigenetics
11:15-11:40 "Conservation and Divergence of Chromatin Reprogramming in Early Animal Development"
Wei Xie (Tsing Hua University)
11:40-12:05 "Variable silencing of the Repeat Genome - Implications for Epigenetic Inheritance"
Anne Ferguson-Smith (University of Cambridge)
12:05-12:30 "Crosstalk of N-A-Acetyltransferase and DNA Methylation in Development and Disease"
Li-Jung Juan (Academia Sinica)
12:30-12:45 "(Selected talk) Enhancing Cellular Reprogramming by Directed Factor Evolution"
Ralf Jauch (The University of Hong Kong)
12:45-13:15 Rapid Fire Talks
12:45-12:50 "Chromatin Integration Labeling Technology (ChILT): An immunoprecipitation-free Method for Low-input Epigenomic profiling"
Hiroshi Kimura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
12:50-12:55 "Integrative Chromatin Profiling of Primary Liver Cancers Reveals Epigenetic Vulnerability for Effective Combination Immunotherapy"
Alfred Cheng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
12:55-13:00 "Histone H3K9 Methyltransferase G9a in Oocyte is Essential for Preimplantation Development but Dispensable for CG Methylation Protection"
Wan Kin Au Yeung (Kyushu University)
13:00-13:05 "Global DNA Methylation Levels Regulates PD-L1 Expression in Melanoma"
Aniruddha Chatterjee (University of Otago)
13:05-13:10 "MyoD Induced Enhancer RNA Interacts with hnRNPL Protein via CAAA Motif to Activate Target Gene Transcription during Myogenic Differentiation"
Huating Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
13:10-13:15 "Allelic Binding of Human Transcription Factors to Genetic Variants that Are Associated with Type-2-Diebetes Predisposition"
Jian Yan (City University of Hong Kong)
13:15-14:15 Lunch
13:15-14:15 IHEC EXEC Meeting (Closed Meeting)
14:15-15:15 Poster Session
Session 3: Epigenetic Regulation of Repetitive Sequences
15:15-15:40 "Single-cell Chromatin Accessibility Landscapes in Cell Fate Reprogramming"
Jonathan Loh (Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR))
15:40-16:05 "Transposable Elements in Normal and Cancer Epigenome"
Ting Wang (Washington University in St. Louis)
16:05-16:30 "Expanded Potential Stem Cells of Mammals"
Pentao Liu (The University of Hong Kong)
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break
Session 4: Cancer Epigenetics
17:00-17:25 "Transcriptional Matching Identifies the Cell Lineage and Timing for the Origin for Childhood Posterior Fossa Tumors"
Michael Taylor (The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids))
17:25-17:50 "Role of Transcription Factors and Epigenetic Enzymes in Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis"
Marjorie Brand (The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
17:50-18:15 "A Vicious Combination of Tet Repression and Increased Dnmt Activity Underlies Aberrant DNA Methylation in Human Disorders"
Toshikazu Ushijima (National Cancer Center Japan)
19:00 Conference Dinner (Venue: China Garden Restaurant, G/F)

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28 Oct (Sun)

Time Event
Session 5: Transcriptional Regulation
09:00-09:25 "Functional Elucidation of Non Coding Regulatory Elements"
Jay Shin (RIKEN)
09:25-09:50 "Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance: From the Epigenome to Behavior "
Isabelle Mansuy (University of Zurich)
09:50-10:15 "Engaged RNA Polymerases Clarify Regulatory Architectures of the Epigenome"
John Lis (Cornell University; HKUST IAS Visiting Professor)
10:15-10:35 Coffee Break
Session 6: 3D Chromatin and RNA Structure
10:35-11:00 "A 3D Code in the Human Genome"
Erez Lieberman-Aiden (Baylor College of Medicine)
11:00-11:25 "Genome Organization of Dengue and Zika viruses"
Yue Wan (Genome Institute of Singapore)
11:25-11:40 "(Selected Talk) Structural Cell Biology of Eukaryotic Nuclei"
Lu Gan (National University of Singapore)
11:40-11:55 "(Selected Talk) Inference of Genomic Spatial Organization from a Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Sample"
Simon Heath (Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico)
11:55-12:25 Rapid Fire Talks
11:55-12:00 "Epigenomic Signatures in Sperm Associated with Body Mass Index (BMI) and Male Infertility"
Sarah Kimmins (McGill University)
12:00-12:05 "A Supervised Method for Enhancer Identification and Linkage to Target Genes"
Marcel Schulz (Goethe University Frankfurt)
12:05-12:10 "Characterization of the Molecular Consequences of CIC-knockout and Neomorphic IDH1 R132H Mutation on Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Landscapes"
Dongsoo (Stephen) Lee (University of British Columbia)
12:10-12:15 "Genome-wide DNA Methylation Profiling Identifies Convergent Molecular Signatures Associated with Idiopathic and Syndromic Forms of Autism in Post-Mortem Human Brain Tissue"
Chloe Wong (King’s College London)
12:15-12:20 "Regulation of Peripheral Heterochromatin Domain Organization via Histone and Non-histone Protein Methylation"
Shravanti Rampalli-Deshpande (Institute For Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine)
12:20-12:25 "Systematic 3D Genome Architecture Analysis in Xenopus Tropicalis"
Chunhui Hou (Southern University of Science and Technology)
12:25-13:25 Lunch
12:25-13:25 NIH 4D Nucleome Workshop [Details]
(Venue: Mr and Mrs Lee Siu Lun Lecture Theater (LT-K), HKUST)
13:25-14:25 Poster Session
Session 7: Computational Epigenetics
14:25-14:50 "Decoding Epigenetic Programs in Differentiation and Disease"
Christina Leslie (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
14:50-15:15 "3D Genome Organization in Cancer Cells"
Feng Yue (The Pennsylvania State University)
15:15-15:40 "Understanding Transcriptional Regulation by Mining Epigenomics Data"
Kevin Yip (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:15 "(Selected Talk) The ethics of epigenetics research: An overview of the activities of the IHEC Bioethics Workgroup"
Yann Joly (McGill University)
16:15-16:30 "(Selected Talk) Epigenetic Discrimination: Emerging Applications of Epigenetics Calling for Ethical Scrutiny"
Charles Dupras (McGill University)
Session 8: Disease Epigenetics
16:30-16:55 "Coordinated Signatures of DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in Human aging"
Karen Conneely (Emory University)
16:55-17:20 "Epigenomic Trajectories to Neuropsychiatric and Neurodegenerative Disease"
Jonathan Mill (University of Exeter Medical School)
17:20-17:45 "Applied Epigenomics: Insights into the Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis"
Maja Jagodic (Karolinska Institutet)
17:45-18:00 "(Selected talk) Single Nuclei Chromatin Accessibility Analysis Reveals Epigenetic Heterogeneity of Mouse Brain Regions"
Sebastian Preissl (University of California, San Diego)
18:00-18:15 Closing Remarks

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