Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with distinct seasons. Typhoon season begins in May and ends in November. When a typhoon is approaching, warnings are broadcast on television and radio. There are various degrees of warning signals issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, but when the no. 8 signal is in place, most businesses and shops close down and flights may be cancelled. There is a separate warning system for heavy rain.

Weather of September:

Temperature and humidity are rising. Evenings can be cool.
Average Temperature: 17 oC - 26 oC

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The legal tender in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), which is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of about 7.80 HKD to 1 USD, although exchange rates may fluctuate slightly.

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Time Differences

Hong Kong time is defined as UTC+8

Electricity & Voltage

The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Most hotel bathrooms also have outlets for 100 volts, but if not, you will need a transformer for any appliance or electrical equipment. The majority of electrical outlets in Hong Kong take a three-pronged UK-style plug (Details). You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your electrical equipment at most convenience stores.

Internet Access

In HKUST campus, eduroam is available. Please visit the Wi-fi Services page by HKUST for more information.

Free Wi-Fi services are widespread in Hong Kong. In particular, there are many Wi-Fi.HK hotspots widely available across the city in locations such as major tourist attractions, shopping malls, parks and gardens, visitor centers, sports venues, museums, ferry terminals, cooked food centers and government buildings, which offer wireless internet connection completely free or free for a period of time. Download the Wi-Fi.HK app to search for a list of hotspot locations, where you can connect to the internet with the Wi-Fi.HK SSID.

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Useful Numbers
Emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)
Police Hotline
+852 2527 7177
Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
+852 2807 0707
Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Hotline
+852 2508 1234
Hong Kong International Airport
+852 2181 8888
Hong Kong Immigration Department
+852 2824 6111
Customs and Excise Department 24-Hour Hotline
+852 2815 7711
Hong Kong Observatory (for weather information)
+852 1878 200
Telephone directory enquiries