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Business School and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture
Prof. Yangguang HUANG &
Prof. Qinggong WU
Putting Auction Theory to Work
School of Science and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture
Prof. WANG Yi
Black Holes - The Darkest and Brightest, Densest and Emptiest, Simplest and Most Mysterious
School of Science and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lectures
Prof. King-Lau CHOW
CRISPR - From Destroying The Intruders to Changing for The Better
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Christina SMOLKE

Unlocking the Healing Power of Plants with Synthetic Biology
IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing
CHAN Koon-Chung

IAS Distinguished Lecture
Mr. Nick HALLA

How to Save the World, One Burger at a Time
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Randall KAMIEN

The Softest Crystals
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. MAI Yiu-Wing

On Thermal Conductive Polymer Composites as Underfill Materials for Electronic Packaging
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. YAU Shing-Tung

The Origin of Classical General Relativity and Gauge Theory
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. John SEXTON

Challenges Facing American Universities Today
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. JIANG Guibin

Trends in Environmental Science Research in China
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Thomas KUECH

New Routes to the Formation of Complex Structures and Metastable Materials
IAS Inaugural Lecture
Prof Stephen Hawking

The Origin of the Universe
(June 2006)
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Dialogue between Paintings and Literature
Ms. Catherine KWAI, Founder and Managing Director, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery
Prof. YAN Lianke, IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture and Chair Professor of Humanities, HKUST
3 Nov 2021 (Wednesday)
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