IAS Channel
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. David MILSTEIN

Bond Activation and Environmentally Benign Catalysis by Cooperative Pincer Complexes
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. HAN Tao

Quest for Nature: Fifty Years of Discoveries in High Energy Physics
IAS Distinguished Lecture

Coatopathies: Genetic Disorders of Protein Coats
IAS Distinguished Lecture

Dimensionality in Biological Networks — A Mechanistic Approach
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Khalil AMINE

Toward Mass Electrification of Vehicles - Role and Technologies Supported by Government and Industry Partnership
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. ZHAO Huimin

Biosystems Design by Directed Evolution
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Andreas WIMMER

Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart
School of Science and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lectures
Prof. WEN Zilong

From Understanding the Basic Principle of Immune System to Cancer Therapy
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Gita JOHAR

Combating Fake News: A Consumer Psychology Perspective
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Malcolm BOLTON

The Strength and Dilatancy of Geomaterials
School of Engineering & IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture
Prof. SUN Fei

Directed Evolution: Unleash Chemical Power from Protein Sequence Space
IAS / CAiRE Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Cédric VILLANI

Artificial Intelligence for A Better Tomorrow?
Business School and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lecture
Profs. WANG Pengfei & XIE Danyang

Integrating Innovation and Climate with Economic Growth
School of Science and IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lectures
Prof. WONG Kam Sing

Lasers: From Manipulating a Single Molecule to Creating the Power of the Sun
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Cynthia MOSS

A Glimpse of the World through the Voice of a Bat
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof. Ross W. Boulanger

PM4Silt: A Constitutive Model for Representing Clays and Plastic Slits in Earthquake Engineering Applications
IAS Distinguished Lecture
Prof Harvey F Lodish

Regulation of Red Cell Production: Development of Novel Therapies for Anemias
IAS Inaugural Lecture
Prof Stephen Hawking

The Origin of the Universe
(June 2006)
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Design and Applications of Selective Olefin Metathesis Catalysts
Prof. Robert H. GRUBBS, Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology; 2005 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
26 Mar 2019 (Tuesday)
Can School Improvement Reduce Inequality?
Prof. Stephen RAUDENBUSH, Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor, The University of Chicago
27 Mar 2019 (Wednesday)
Statistical Machine Learning for Financial Prediction and Inference
Prof. FAN Jian-Qing, Frederick L. Moore '18 Professor of Finance, Professor of Statistics and of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow
28 Mar 2019 (Thursday)
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The Pioneering Work of IAS Senior Visiting Fellow Professor Paul SCHIMMEL and IAS Senior Fellow Professor ZHANG Mingjie Leads to New Investigational Therapeutic for Lung Disease
A potential therapeutic and lead clinical candidate, ATYR1923, for patients suffering from pulmonary sarcoidosis (a rare form of fibrotic lung...
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