IAS Workshop on Quantum Simulation of Novel Phenomena with Ultracold Atoms


Recent breakthroughs made in the field of ultracold atoms ushered in a new era where novel quantum phenomena can be quantum simulated in an atomic system with high degrees of control. In particular, the last decade has witnessed a revolution in the experimental and theoretical studies of novel quantum systems with ultracold atoms. In this workshop, we will review the recent advances in the quantum simulation of novel phenomena using ultracold atomic systems. We will invite leading experimentalists and theorists in this field to discuss outstanding research questions and establish forward-looking collaborations.

In this workshop, we will bring together experimentalists and theorists to discuss the current status of cold atoms research and to foster collaborations. In particular we will bring international scholars together with researchers from Hong Kong and mainland China under one roof for mutual exchange and learning.

K. C. Wong Education Foundation
K. C. Wong Education Foundation